VEE Studiedag 2018

“Social veterinary epidemiology: how to induce behavioural changes in animal health management”.

Friday 26 October 2018, Brussels, Palace of the Academies, Belgium


How to stimulate behavioural changes in livestock production and animal owners for better animal health and welfare? Which routes are there to change people’s behaviour in animal health management? Is this through regulation, economic incentives or are there also other means? What is the role of communication and education? Is nudging relevant to animal health? What are the farmers’ or animal owners’ perceptions on animal diseases and management, and how can we measure them?

These questions are typically researched in social veterinary epidemiology (SVE), a relatively new domain within veterinary epidemiology. The term is inspired by the term ‘social epidemiology’, the field that covers research on human attitudes, perceptions and practices influencing human health. Socio-psychological veterinary epidemiology is the study of human behaviour that affects the causes, spread, prevention and control of animal diseases and health problems.

During the morning session of our annual meeting, speakers with specific expertise in this domain will share their experiences in the fascinating field of inducing behavioural change.We will explore recent social science contributions to veterinary epidemiology and discuss the different routes that can affect animal owners’ perceptions and behaviour in animal health management.

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Paleis der Academiën
Hertogsstraat 1
1000 Brussel

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